Powerful Mobile User Acquisition Technology

Fortuna Edge is the most powerful Mobile User Acquisition Technology Infrastructure for the Sports Betting & iGaming industry in the USA

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Fortuna Edge Mobile User Acqusition Platform

We work with industry leading Sports Betting & iGaming Operators in the USA

Efficient mobile user acquisition.

Fortuna Edge makes mobile user acquisition more cost effective at scale.

Rocketship Growth

Find, acquire and grow new active users across mobile at speed

Reduce your CPA

Fortuna Edge's powerful infrastructure efficiently scales user acquisition

One focus, endless potential.

All-in-one technology that makes your mobile user acquisition easier than ever.

Fully regulated

Available to utilise in all states where gambling has been legalized

Laser focus on iGaming & Sportsbetting

Our technology infrastructure is built specifically for sports betting and iGaming operators

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Fortuna Edge
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The leading sports betting & iGaming
technology infrastructure for mobile user acquisition

Unrivalled targeting

Fortuna Edge has a laser focus on iGaming and Sports Betting markets in the United States only 

Deep analytics

Concise and powerful analytics give you a clear view of your user acqusition funnel across mobile

Powerful Technology

Our tech infrastructure is efficient and has a lower CPA than any others in the industry

Conquer your user acquisition goals with Fortuna Edge.

Trusted by the best

We work with the most progressive sports betting companies in the USA to drive industry leading efficiency in mobile user customer acquisition.